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Native American Exhibit 


The Kateri Shrine Native American Exhibit (The Mohawk Caughnawaga Collection) is housed in a converted Dutch barn built in 1782 by Simon Veeder.




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Most of the collection was put together by Father Thomas Grassmann,OFM Conv., who started the shrine and museum in 1938.



The exhibit contains a very impressive mixture of artifacts from many different Native American cultures. Your walk through will bring you on a self-guided tour of the collection which will be most satisfying.




The collection also includes a miniature replica of the village of Caughnawagha, which will give you a good idea as to what the original Mohawk village on the site looked like over three hundred years ago.










The fully excavated site of Caughnawagha is up the hill through the woods about a quarter of a mile from the museum. The Mohawks lived there for about fifty years and it was there that Saint Kateri lived most of her life and was baptized.


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