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Tekakwitha News 




Published three times annually, Tekakwitha News gives its readers interesting insights into the development, happenings and community associated with the Shrine.





The Fonda Kateri Guild  

KateriIf you wish to maintain regular contact with the shrine, please consider a Guild membership. For only $15.00 a year, it places you on one of our mailing lists (monthly or newsletter three times a year.) The dues cover our mailing expenses and your name on our list reminds us to pray for you daily.





Prayer Request  

Friary StatueThe friars pray for the Kateri Guild Members in their Masses, Divine Office and private prayers. If you have any specific intentions you wish them to include, please send them to us by e-Mail or by regular mail and we will place them before the friary altar and our statue of Saint Kateri for our special attention.

You can eMail us at


Annual Quilt Raffle

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